Favorite Podcasts


The BS Report with Bil Simmons (In my opinion- the best podcast ever)

Outta Boundz with Jay & Chelsean Primer Radio (great, underrated/undiscovered podcast. great chemistry between the hosts and the girl Chelsea knows her stuff)

The Basketball Jones (Great daily recaps in the NBA in a humerous way)

ESPN Fantasy Focus Baseball/Football (Matthew Berry provides grat fantasy sports insight. Enjoyable show)

ESPN PTI (Copy of the show that airs)

Spider & The Henchmen (John Salley & Kevin Hench are opposites but bot provide funny and interesting thoughts on sports)

Jason Whitlock Podcast (Controversial but funny and interesting)

Rich Eisen Podcast (Rich is Rich)

Peristyle Podcast (The latest in the world of USC Football)

The Solid Verbal (Slightly biased but informative college football talk)


Sklarbro Country (Comedy twins Randy & Jason Sklar do a hilarious show mixed w/ great interviews. Very sports-friendly as well)

The Adam Carolla Show (The King of Rants. Very entertaining)

The Brad Bogner Show (Undiscovered but diverse and funny podcast)

Five Tacos and A Taco (One of the most underrated podcast online. Hilarious)

General Interest:

Under Culture (Anything from music to books to pop culture and video games… eclectic mix of topics)

Freakonomics Radio (An interesting take on things going on in our society)

Smodcast with Kevin Smith (very entertaining. Especially with Katie Morgan)


Mike Ness. Eddie Vedder.
Try to tell me this isn’t a cool pic. Just try. I dare ya


Mike Ness. Eddie Vedder.

Try to tell me this isn’t a cool pic. Just try. I dare ya

Great sports/pop culture podcast. Hosts Jay & Chelsea are very entertaining. Check it out.

Mars Volta- Asilos Magdalena

I’ve been obsessed w/ this band for the last three years.

Cool, quick little article on Scottish Whiskey. Enjoy.

Life Was Never Intended To Be Fair…

I’m writing this off the cuff. I’m reminded of things we say when bad things happen to us. We say “that’s not fair!”. Then, I’m quickly reminded of something my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Rossmann, once said in response to a bratty student (not me) in my class back in 1993- “Life’s not intended to be fair.” I don’t know if he was trying to share any deep philosophy with us or if he’d met his boiling point with this student but those words play in my head regularly. They have for the past 18 years.

I bring it up because a friend of mine today had her daughter lose her battle to cancer. I’ll leave names out of this but this girl was special. The kid had a tremendous heart. An outlook, understanding and maturity well beyond her age. She put up a tremendous fight against this cancer. She fought it harder than anyone could have expected or even dreamt. And her mother was by her side the whole time- showering her with endless love, strength and support. Mom is a very special person too. I write this with an incredibly heavy heart. Breathing right now hurts, I feel like throwing up as the news keeps repeating in my head.

Even though I’ve been out here in Scottsdale for about 2.5 years, I really don’t consider myself to have many friends out here. That’s partly by design. I don’t let a lot of people in. I’m very selective about who I open up to. I like the fact that those near me are all incredibly quality people. This mom is quality people. She has one of the warmest hearts. She also has some of the greatest determination and strongest wills as only a devoted mother can have. Mom is a beautiful person. She was my bar manager for a while at one of the places I bartended. As I’ve gotten to know her over the past few years, I’ve come to see just what a tremendous person she is. Her values, her love for her two kids, her drive to do what’s right for her and her family have been a joy and sense of pride to watch.She’s real and her love for those close to her is very real.

To see this happen to such amazing people breaks my heart. It’s not fair. Not even close. But life was never intended to be fair. Things happen in life that lie outside of our control. After all, “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” We can ask “why” a million times but most of the time, life never gives us an answer. Take the time needed to cope, to regroup, to dust yourself off and continue on- better for the experience somehow. It’s tough. At times, almost impossible. But that’s how life works. Life is what we make it. Life is what we do with the things we can control and how we maximize our opportunities. Its not fair, but it’s life.

I have no doubt that with time, Mom will continue displaying her tremendous character and continue on through this tremendous tragedy… but in the meantime, my heart goes out to her and her entire family. It’s an amazing loss for them, and for the world because her daughter had so much more positive potential for this world.

God bless.

This song/video makes me smile incredibly big. It’s perfection for me. It’s a great song with a great message by an incredible band. It reminds me of my childhood and my parents. I used to love listening to it with my Dad. Plus, the USC Trojan Marching Band accompanies them, which is a tremendous source of pride. Just awesome.

Best Commercial on TV.

3-4 Linebacker for Thought

Quick thought as a Niner fan. If the Steelers or Ravens show any interest in a linebacker, then we should take him. This year that guy is Casey Matthews of Oregon who would be ideal in the 4th round. Huge pedigree, great career at Oregon.

I want him in the red and gold. Do it Harbaugh.


We have more control than we know.

Who we are and our lives are a byproduct of our decisions in life. Wherever we are, we put ourselves there. We did it to us. If we don’t like it, change it. We can- we have free will.

I think we all hear quotes, sayings, philosophies constantly and they all sound good, useful, and interesting. Some we internalize for a moment, most we don’t. Few things stick. We then continue on living life the only way we know how- the same we did yesterday. It’s tough to force change within ourselves. It’s so easy to just continue going down the same highway we’ve always gone down.

Change takes a constant and considerable effort. A daily effort and commitment. I think we as individuals in this society don’t take serious and honest inventory of ourselves enough. We want things; we see others have things; we desire things and ideals… yet we don’t study what it will take to achieve those things and attain those things or even if those things are truly in our best interest or healthy for us. We don’t take an honest and in-depth look at ourselves in regards to who we are, who we’ve become, our habits, our strengths, our weaknesses, our distractions and which positive presences we have in life.

People are extremely malleable, more than we can imagine. People though are also inherently lazy, as one of my Marketing professors pointed out in one of my classes in college. We can accomplish most things that we desire but we have to make the effort to understand those things and what it takes to accomplish those things. Many times, we realize that those things come with a great amount of hard work and sacrifice or we begin work towards those goals only to have others tell us of the unlikeliness of accomplishment and so we simply surrender the desires. Yet, when we see others with those things in their lives, we think to ourselves “man, the’re so lucky. how’d they do it? they must be the lucky ones.” Truth is, that person is no different than you. They had a goal, just like yours… only difference being- they went out and pursued it and did what it takes to accomplish. That person could have been you.

Self-inventory is such a big part of doing anything. We need to understand us before we can understand the world and the individual things and people in it. We need to know where we are in life, where we’re headed on the current path and where we actually want to be headed. We need to be honest, not just to others but with ourselves. Be willing to admit the good and the bad from all aspects of our lives- our physical tools, personality characteristics, work ethic, character, efficiency of habits, attitude, etc. Then we really can make that concerted effort to eliminate the bad so we can work towards making the best us as possible and from there make the best effort at reaching our goals. We can change…but only if we understand us, have the true desire to and make the consistent effort to do so. We can change.

Goals are things we pursue that give us great joy and satisfaction.They’re things worth living for and working towards. The sheer fact that you pursue your goals with your best effort should bring you a great amount of pride and satisfaction. Sometimes in life, things outside of our control prevent us from doing certain things. Road blocks get put up. We have to make a decision whether this is something we can overcome or if this forces us to eliminate this goal as feasible and turn to other joys/goals. Sometimes though, the road blocks really are a test of our will and true desire of what we want. If the commitment and love isn’t there then we are more easily swayed. If it is there, our will finds a way to push through/around and march on. 

The pursuit is just as enjoyable as the end result and I feel the effort put in is the true indicator of success not necessarily the end result of the effort. Lastly, we should all strive to making the best “me” possible. We can. It’s possible. We just have to commit and do the work.

Holy ramble….

If you seriously read this, thank you. This is just me throwing some mixed thoughts around without a clear direction and organization maybe. I frequently have thoughts like this but because I have a terrible memory, the thoughts vanish shortly thereafter. This blog at times will serve as the canvas i can quickly sketch my thoughts before i lose the picture I’m imagining in my head.

I think my next blog will have to do with my thoughts on love and the concept of “the one”. Stay tuned! Have a good night…